Sabon Closes; No More Free Soap

Sabon, 129 Newbury Street, Boston

Those of you who have been relying on those colorful slices of free soap that Sabon salespeople incessantly handed out on the street are going to have to find another dealer. This soapy, scrubby spot is closed for business. It’s too bad, though I suppose not surprising. While I like the company’s products, as well as the lovely sink/fountain in the store, I rarely ventured in, instead opting for, well, the free samples that I was handed literally every time I passed.

Is the secret to success no sampling? Lush seems to be persevering, despite the not so pleasant scent that seeps out the store to the sidewalk.

Lush, 166 Newbury Street, Boston

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3 responses to “Sabon Closes; No More Free Soap

  1. I love the Golden Wonder bath bomb. I think it has to be the best Bath Bomb in the World.Looking farowd to reading what you think of your goodies once you use them – That Crazy English Chick

  2. J.k

    Sabon actually has stores 100 store internationally.

  3. Yeah I always wondered about how they could possibly afford to be handing out free samples like that! Too bad about them closing but understandable.
    I had a bad experience at lush one too many times and now tend to avoid it but their stores are always PACKED.

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