Kickass Cupcakes Truck Burned Out Before Even Beginning

The fire-ravaged Kickass Cupcakes truck.

This was supposed to be the Kickass Cupcakes truck. Seriously. The Davis Square cupcake boutique (er, bakery), custom ordered a tricked out van from which they were planning to sell their sugary treats. One week before the scheduled delivery, the truck found itself involved in a fire. Quite the fire, as you can see. Apparently a rush has been put on the replacement. They expect a shiny, new model by the end of the month.

Photo: Flickr-(cup)cake_eater
Kickass Cupcakes

In the meantime, you’ll have to trek to Davis Square. I actually haven’t tried the cupcakes, but I hear they’re delicious. And I’m picky about my cupcakes (well, about everything I suppose).

Photo: Flickr-Caroline Treadway
Kickass Cupcakes, 378 Highland Avenue, Davis Square, Somerville

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